Saturday, October 1, 2011

Freedom of Speech Assassinated

As the news broke on the Al-Alawaki Assassination many self News Medias advocated what could happen from this, as one result many people who the Government consider “terrorists” would get assassinated; and another one being we (the people) fight for the first result not to happen. As we can see so far and what we are stuck at because they already killed Al-Alawaki he never did any terrorism, he only used his First Amendment and not even at the time of his death in our country and we said we killed him for Speech Crimes.

Also if you say we should have killed him for being associated with killers, well according to that then many U.S. Soldiers may be assassinated in that sense because they were helping the Libyan Rebels who have really close ties to al-Qaeda and some News Corporations even say they are; like RT.

But on September 30, 2011; Ron Paul had an Phone Interview with Cavuto and he said:

And also the same day Ron Paul said this to another News Station:

But then on 1:46 - 2:22 in the video below Adam Kokesh explained the Death of our 1st Amendment:

If we can now get killed for what we say, are we still in a Republic or are we in a Fascist Nation. Are we in a nowadays Nazi Germany with our dollar dropping and our Government growing in size and power, with the figure head on the top; and little person on the bottom who feels he has to support him or they can be called a traitor (terrorist) and be killed (assassinated).

Our Constitution was to protect us from this, but still many advocate the Destruction of our Constitution and the making of a New One, this will destroy America, not help America. The Government needs to shrink, and then our economy will rise and the dollar will no longer tremble with the people’s fear if it will be worth anything in a year. We need to fight, for our RIGHTS and Restore the America we had; an America that brought opportunity and justice for us all; and gave us the right of a trial.

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