Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ron Paul: The FED, His Views, and Occupy Wall Street "Occupy the FED"

The Federal Reserve is to blame, and even Ron Paul says he would and does support Occupy Wall Street as long as they also protest the FED. There are many Libertarians in the Occupy Wall Street but another big group with the OWS are the Progressives who want everything Obama is already wanting to give them: which then makes no sense why they are protesting.

Here is a video showing most of Ron Paul’s Views:

This below is Ron Paul giving his Ideals on the FED:

So the FED needs to END, and now another Occupy Protest has been launched by Journalist Alex Jones of Infowars to just do that “Occupy the Federal Reserve”. click here for more info on Occupy the Federal Reserve

We know Occupy Wall Street is a Libertarian Protest, but Progressives are completely overtaking this and consequently it is the same time as the Media Actually Picks up the story; because now they have destroyed the Revolution of Occupy Wall Street as what it use to mean and replaced it with Obama’s agenda and they can “take” the story and boost Obama’s ratings by saying there is a Tea Party for the Progressives. So now Occupy the FED because no Progressive could ever change this message, nor would they come to this demonstration as it’s the Progressive’s Bank.

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