Friday, November 4, 2011

The establishment GOP Killed!!!

On Oct. 31, our official Online Straw Poll ended showing a surprising win to some, as Ron Paul won with 78% of the vote (138 votes) and had Herman Cain in second with 6% of the vote (11 votes) and had Jon Huntsman in third with 5% (8 votes).

This to me shows the exploding support for Ron Paul, who got $2.5 million in donations in one day, and is exploding in the polls.

Now he is the FRONTRUNNER. But with the news of our very first GOP Online Primary Straw Poll, has just shown the Establishment GOP is now dead. With Herman Cain (Establishment) in second, he has completely been overturned in the polls. With Cain at only 6% in our Straw Poll who is the only Establishment Candidate that is in the top but still loses in comparison to Ron Paul.

Now also Gary Johnson has been rising in the polls as he got 5th Place with 2% (4 votes) in our Online GOP Straw Poll. Even though the media hides Gary Johnson's name and message even more than Ron Paul; He still beats Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum in our poll.

The Main Stream thinking as now the main stream thinking (considered by the Main Stream Media) is not actually the Main Stream thinking as it is now generating into a Libertarian Mindset, with the thoughts of a true Free market, Limited Government, Ending or Auditing the Federal Reserve and also ending the wars becomes more Main Stream than Keeping the a crony Free market, enlarging Government’s role, keeping the Federal Reserve and making more wars.

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