Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dark Horses could do well in Iowa

The Darkest Horse rising above all of the GOP Candidates, is Ron Paul who is now in 1st Place in Iowa or tied with Mitt Romney.

But with that all said there is one Candidate you most likely never heard of, that is in a neck to neck race in New Hampshire with Rick Perry and Rick Santorum; and that is Buddy Roemer.

Buddy Roemer has had good a voice in the cyber communities I have visited, and lately he has taken more ground in polls then the candidates the Main Stream Dictators let on TV (very similar to the Gary Johnson treatment).

Lately in Iowa he got 2%, and Buddy said this about it:

“I’m pleased about the two percent in Iowa, but I’m really pleased and humbled to see the hard work we’ve done in New Hampshire start to show,”

I could actually see Buddy Roemer doing pretty well in Iowa, and really well in New Hampshire if he works at it.

As Buddy Roemer is being ignored by the Main Stream Dictators, Jon Huntsman of course hasn't, except on not being ramped up into a falsified front runner status.

Jon Huntsman though, I think could do better in Iowa then anyone else thinks. Huntsman; I could see him getting more than Santorum, as long as the Main Stream Media doesn't ramp up Santorum into the falsified Front Runner Status in the polls.

Jon Huntsman is being treated badly by the Main Stream Dictators because of his views on China, as he doesn't want to start a war with China.

For Roemer and Huntsman to stay in the race, they would at least need 3-7% in the Caucuses. But still I could see Roemer getting about 3% or more, and Huntsman at least at 5% and at the most 15% in the Iowa Caucus.

So I think, these two will stay in the race; and gain more momentum in New Hampshire.

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