Thursday, December 22, 2011

"One Nation Under God" UNAMERICAN

On December 15, 2011; Newt Gingrich said that Judges are "... arrogant in their reading of the American people,".

This statement is totally idiotic, as Judges are suppose to read the Constitution, therefore that is the only thing they can misread. It doesn't matter what the majority wants, Judges are suppose to stop Unconstitutional Laws, or injustices.

He didn't stop there though he then stated "... when the 9th Circuit Court said 'One Nation Under God' is unconstitutional in the Pledge of Allegiance, and I decided if you had Judges who were so radically 'Anti-American' and thought 'One Nation Under God' was wrong they shouldn't be on the court."

Here is a video of Newt Gingrich saying all of this:

The Pledge Allegiance to me is unconstitutional. As we never said the pledge, till 1890 and it was created to sell flags to schools (make money).

In Monarchies you use to be made to Pledge Allegiance to your country by the age of 12. This right here, is most likely the reason the founders didn't make a Pledge of Allegiance.

The Pledge creates a Monarch like country, and the Founders understood we would have to have another Revolution to bring back our freedoms. So we should not Pledge Allegiance to this Dictatorship, I don't.

Also "One Nation Under God" is unconsitutional, it breaks the 1st Amendment when we make this Pledge the Official Pledge of Allegiance to America. The constitution is suppose to make the Pledge acceptable to anyone; also the "Under God" part of the Pledge is only 60 years old, we should remove this, or we should remove the Pledge of Allegiance as an official anything in the United States of America.

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