Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ron Paul will Pardon Peaceful Drug Users from Prison

Ron Paul said he will pardon thousands of Peaceful Prisoners that were put into the Prisons for Drugs.

Yearly about 95,000 peaceful people are jailed for this offense and usually are held for 55-75 months in Prison.

As Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the only GOP Candidates, that are for ending the War on Drugs. But Ron Paul is the only Candidate that advocates every time that he is for legalizing all Drugs. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is purely against this 70 year old Prohibition of Drugs.

Here is a video of Ron Paul getting attention to his Bill, the "Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011" which Rep. Barney Frank co-sponsored.

Here is a fun fact you might like to know about Marijuana. Tobacco kills 435,000 more people then Marijuana; as Marijuana killed absolutely ZERO PEOPLE.


  1. He's not legalizing all drugs. He's leaving it up to the state. When he gets elected you have to change your state's laws too.

  2. Actually Ron Paul as a GOP Presidential Candidate advocates to lift the Prohibition of all drugs, but the bill above of course is about it being lifted by the State Level.