Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul will rise, a little higher.

Gary Johnson has dropped out of the GOP Candidacy and now is running as a Libertarian.

While Gary Johnson dropped out we may see that Ron Paul will rise higher in the polls by 1-5%. The Gary Johnson supporters have not been seen in the spotlight of the Media as they hidden Gary Johnson and excluded him from Polls and Debates.

I have seen that the Gary Johnson supporters are way more than that of Santorum. Gary Johnson's supporters will only support Ron Paul and will also be able to continue supporting Gary Johnson as well.

The Libertarian View is being heard, and now the nation is reviewing this view and liking it. I suspect Ron Paul's Poll Numbers will rise by 6-7% in the next coming months.

I have always said, Electability is found at Elections. This is not the view of the Main Stream Media as they say, they will just forget about a Primary or a Caucus if it is won by Ron Paul.

Don't you love how in the U.S. we don't rig the Elections?

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