Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tea Party was created for Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Tea Party Moneybomb is Back!!!

On December 16, 2007; the Tea Party was created by a national movement of Ron Paul Rallies. This was of course when Ron Paul ran for President in 2008, and now again Ron Paul is asking for your support. Ron Paul in 2007, got more than $6 Million, and now he wants you to show the Establishment that we are awake and that the Establishment are done being in Washington.

Here are a couple videos of Tea Party Rallies in 2007; these videos show, that the current Tea Party has been hijaked, as the first 2007 Tea Parties were organized for Ron Paul.

Now most of the so called tea partiers are Neocons. But here is the first Tea Party Movement, that was created by the use of the Constitution and fueled by the Constitution:

We need to wake up all of the Tea Partiers to Ron Paul, the reason for the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT!!!

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