Thursday, February 16, 2012

If Ron Paul Loses Then The GOP Dies

Ron Paul has influenced so many people to the side of liberty; if fact he has so many followers, that even every GOP candidate knows that they need Ron Paul's supporters if they win the nomination, so that they can beat Obama.

The thing is, if Ron Paul has that much support why isn't he seen as a true contender?

Well the answer to this is, I have no idea. This actually makes it seem like people want to kill the GOP Party.

That is right, with all of the GOP Party People having the thought line that they just want to defeat Obama; Ron Paul's supporters have a different thought, they want Ron Paul or No One Else.

So if Ron Paul does not win, then the GOP loses all of the Ron Paul Supporters.

This is important, this could push Ron Paul to run for a third party; but really Ron Paul could win the delegate count anyway.

That is right, the Ron Paul Revolution maybe already in play under the scenes. Ron Paul has supporters smart enough to become delegates, instead of being stupid and just voting for their candidate.

But if Ron Paul loses the GOP Candidacy, then the GOP has the chance of becoming a third party; as the Libertarian Party would gain all of the Ron Paul supporters.

This would kill the Two Party Dictatorship that we had for over 100 years, and therefore would be a true Revolution to the corrupt system we have; but if Ron Paul would win the GOP Candidacy then there would be a true Republican Revolution.

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