Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lt. John Pike is being Sued!!!

Lt. John Pike, the infamous police state front head; who used military grade pepper spray on 19 college students is now being sued.

That is right, John Pike is now just getting served. For a while, We the People were paying for him to have a vacation, but now he will be getting served.

The Occupy Movement is now the winners, even though many had to be rushed to the hospital following Pike's idiotic pepper spray slurge.

What John Pike did is as Un-American as it gets, as the 19 college students were just engaging in a sit in.


  1. John Pike, same guy that said missle off california coast was an airplane contrail

  2. Sue the bastard. Maybe someone will step up and give him a face full of pepper spray.

  3. Yeah, spray him and hear him "squeal like a pig."