Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mark Dice Says, Radiation Is "Fine" ; Well Mark, You Are Nuts!!!

Mark Dice, an author, phone mobber, and news analysist has lately lost his mind.

Lately Mark has self destructed, by ramming the people who helped him gain his following; and even denying that Nuclear Radiation is bad for you.

He stated this on his Facebook Page:

"I have a personal friend of mine who works at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in southern California, so I will alert you if anything major actually happens. People are tweeting me because the plant is still shut down after the minor leak last week in one specific area, wondering if there is a threat of a nuclear meltdown or dangerous radiation leakage. It’s fine. If anything major ever happens there, as a result of this, or anytime in the future, I will let you know since I have a first-hand source working inside the place. Be alert not afraid. Be prepared not paranoid. Power to The Resistance." -Mark Dice

In California, this Nuclear Plant is leaking; and because of many people warning the public, Mark feels he needs to say "It's fine.". Yeah, that is right; leaking radiation from a nuclear plant is fine (NOT).

Fox News said this Nuclear Plant is one of the safest Nuclear Plants in March 2011:

This safe Nuclear Plant was spewing out Radiation, and Mark Dice and many others find this to be "Fine", well I think the public should be notified.

Because the thing is the Titanic was considered the safest boat ever, but it sank.


  1. Well, Dice lives right there in San Diego, so he can be the first to tell us how "fine" it is when he is one of the 1st to get sick!

    Yet another reason to ignore Mark 'Shill' Dice. He just wants publicity so he can sell his books. As time goes on, I think more and more people will see through his BS. It's not the information he puts out about big brother that's the problem; It's the way in which he has the holier than thou attitude and starts in-fighting.

  2. Brandon, bud, your grammar is horrible. Before you start attacking someone, especially someone you're blatantly taking out of context, make sure you proofread your material. You're making Tuscarawas county look bad bro.