Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ron Paul Tied In Maine, But Most Likely Won It!!!

Romney and Ron Paul got a tie in Maine, with only 200 votes between them; and 300+(-) votes still out there.

This is something, you will most likely never hear from the Main Stream Media.

Ron Paul stated this after the results, “We have the message that America needs at this point in time, This country is bankrupt, and the most important thing that the American people can do right now admit the truth. The truth is that we can’t continue this way.”

Here is Ron Paul's full speech:

Ron Paul lately has been losing the Straw Polls of the Caucus States; but have been winning the Caucus Delegates, which is what you need.

Ron Paul has been playing under the system, by teaching his supporters how to become delegates and to win a majority of the delegates. This is of course not seen by the general public, as delegates are usually awarded to the winner. Ron Paul has been lately winning the delegate count, even if he hasn't won the straw poll count.

Here is CNN report of this:

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