Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tea Party's True Message Died!!!

The Tea Party has been falling away from the truth for a while, but now the Tea Party's Message has truly died.

Andrew Breitbart stated that Anti-War Activists and the Occupy Movement are "Un-American", even though it is their right from their first amendment that let's them protest. Andrew continuously is misunderstanding that the government puts, on duty under cover cops in protests, and that these cops act like Anarchists and cause violence.

Andrew Breitbart also stated that "I don't care who our candidate is," and he finished this thought with "Ask not what the candidate can do for you, but what you can do for the candidate; and that's what the Tea Party is."

If this is what the Tea Party is then, I am leaving that group; right now!!! I am.no longer going to state I am a Tea Partier, as the GOP Elite hikaked the Tea Party and turned it into a Neocon, Un-Conservative, Un-American Piece of Trash.

The Tea Party was literally in the beginning a libertarian movement that brought their ideas into the GOP, and showed them reason; but now the Tea Party forgets this and goes to stupid tradition.

The Tea Party has fell from their roots and have died as Freedom Fighters and now are the Elite themselves. They believe in spending tons of money and having no values. They now believe that they should just elect a Republican.

To just have the thought line; we need a republican use to be what Republicans in general would say, not a movement in the Republican Party.

The real question we should ask is, "Ask.not what the politician can do for you personally, but whether will he follow the constitution."

Political Parties are dangerous, as they are deceptive. People just vote for their party, nowadays; they don't vote for logic and reason, they vote for the person in their party alone.

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