Saturday, February 18, 2012

There Is Still Fraud in Maine!!!

CNN reports that 300(-)(+) votes are uncounted in Maine still. That is right, with all the presure on Maine to give Ron Paul a fair shot and to count all of the votes, they still haven't.

With 239 votes between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and more than 300 votes missing; Maine is the biggest voting fraud state in the Primary.

Ron Paul was of course correct that he won Washington County; and of course probably got all the Delegates there.

With Maine pretty much throwing votes in the garbage, it is just as bad as Iowa; as they also have votes missing. Iowa has 1,220(-)(+) votes missing and Santorum is only leading with 34 votes (according to CNN).

Let's stand together and fight this injustice and Unconstitutional act that Maine and Iowa is commiting.

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