Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The USA Is Now the USSR!!!

"It's not who votes that counts, It's who counts the votes." - Joseph Stalin

Is America now a puppet state, as our elections are full of fraud. This is shown easily through the GOP Primaries, as Iowa and Maine have around 1,000 votes missing.

With this said, the other factors that come into play into thinking there is a puppet state, is the thought that we have a two party system; which is currently an one party system, as the GOP and the Democrats do the same things.

Also the thought of a two party system is also really shocking to other nations; as every other nation holds at least three big parties.

Is America falling apart?, well Yes. The USA is the USSR and we are about to fall, ourselves.

We are even like the Soviet Union by making a Missile Crisis of our own. That's right, with Israel having tons of nuclear weapons aimed at Iran and the fact that we feel we gave to protect our Democratic friend, we are making our own "Cuba Missile Crisis".

If Iran would act the same way as America did during the Kennedy Administration, then they will make Nuclear Weapons. Can you blame them?, they have been in a Missile Crisis mode for years now. Once they feel this is in jeopardy then they will do an act of war, just like what we did during the Cuba Missile Crisis.

Which means they will take over the waterways.

If they do that, then we will attack the Iranians and we will start WWIII.

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