Friday, March 2, 2012

Breitbart Assassinated!!! FOR SURE!!!

I can clearly say now, that their are way too many coincidences in the Andrew Breitbart death for it to be anything but an assassination.

With the NDAA going into effect on March 1 , which makes it so Obama can kill anyone he wants legally. With Andrew Breitbart dying only hours before releasing Obama videos that he said would change the election; is way too many coincidences.

Andrew Breitbart died the same day he was going to release the Obama College Videos and on the same day Obama has the right to kill people. Obama has used the NDAA on March 1st, and this won't be the last time.

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  1. I often wonder if it would be different at if Andrew, himself, was still around. I noticed some things over have changed not referring to the recent change in look. The fact that I don't see libertarians posting stuff anymore. I know it was never totally friendly to libertarians, but Gary Johnson and would post there. Now they're gone. Now, it's more Republican drivel of Obama vs. us so as to distract from the real issues. Just something I've noticed.