Saturday, March 3, 2012

CNN Lies Exposed!!! And They Admit It!!!

Lemon Global was the first and I still believe the only news organization to report the truth today on the Washington Caucus results.

We concluded and projected that Ron Paul will win the delegate count in Washington. Delegates is of course the only thing that matters in a caucus, but still people are ignorant.

So I called up CNN and asked them why they are lying to their viewers and telling them that Mitt Romney is winning, and well this video speaks for itself.

That is right, Ron Paul being the winner of Washington is not Breaking News; well actually that is true. As all Media Outlets know this, but to many people at home it would be very shocking news.

I know some of you are thinking, woo wait she just said she would transfer you. Well you would be correct, and this transfer is to a voice machine that they never check (trust me, I called alot; none of my stories never got through).

So now me, Brandon Immel the Editor of Lemon Global, am blocked from CNN's Breaking News Tips; even though I called many times on stories that are way more shocking and way less known, and never was blocked before.

So there you have it CNN is telling you lies, and confirms it.

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