Monday, March 19, 2012

Delegate Counts For Dummies!!!

We have noticed many people are confused on our delegate count.

Well our Delegate Count is actually very accurate.

But Delegate Counts is mostly guessing, the reason for this is because of the Non-Binding Caucuses.

This is of course the states, Ron Paul's Campaign even says; Ron Paul wins. Ron Paul has not won the Popular Votes; but he has been winning what actually matters, Delegates.

Lemon Global has some Grassroots we use to make a more educated guess on the true delegate count; but really many grassroots believe we are being way too conservative.

So the reasons why CNN and the AP have different delegate counts is because; half the delegates, they have to guess on. But the thing is they are hiding, that all the evidence from supporters and the delegate meetings show Ron Paul has the most delegates in these states.