Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012 Scam!!!

Have you heard about KONY 2012, well if you haven't here it is.

That is right, Jospeh Kony is a bad man; but the truth is Kony hasn't been in Uganda for at least 6 years.

To understand that fact, you may ask; Why this video was created? Well I am not sure; there could be many reasons.

1. To make them money and give them a job; as they got at least $5,900,097 that went to themselves and travels.

2. To help another problem in Uganda. The Invisible Children Inc. has been accused of giving their money, $2,776,516 to the government of Uganda which is also charged with human right abuses almost all the time.

3. To help Obama's election; this could be another reason as the Movie pretty much praises Barrack Obama for deploying 100 Troops to Uganda.

Why are we really in Uganda?

We are really in Uganda for oil, that is right Uganda just found oil and that is the real reason Obama deployed 100 troops to Uganda. There is an estimated amount of 2.5 - 6 billion barrels of oil in Uganda.

So KONY 2012, actually makes people want to invade a country to help a country; only because that country found oil. Then KONY 2012 praises Obama action of deploying troops to help get oil.

So KONY 2012, should have been named OIL 2012; as that is what you will be supporting. We will go into another war just for oil, and will have it disguised as a Get Kony Mission.


  1. Finally exposing the propaganda.

  2. Haha i think you guys are dumb! Do you have any clue how much we need oil? If i were to go into the oil buisness, i would be 4th generation. My family lived off getting that black gold out of the ground. If i had a say in it id say "fuck, send 2000 troops and take it all". I think im going to support KONY 2012.