Sunday, March 11, 2012


Really Ron Paul has won Actually 6 States, and really didn't win the Virgin Islands.

But Ron Paul did win the Virgin Islands, the way every Main Stream Media source saw a win for Santorum and Mitt Romney.

But as we know, 6 Caucuses are actually in Ron Paul's pocket. The Virgin Islands' delegates went to Mitt Romney, but still according to the MSM's prior actions they should say Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands.

The thing is the Main Stream Media has changed their whole entire thought line; as they state Romney won. Some even won't show the popular vote on theory website; and just show the delegate count.

Another thing that happened in the Virgin Islands that is way different than anywhere else is they told the public the delegate count. All the other delegate counts in the Non-Binding Cacuses didn't confirm how many delegate everyone had.

Why would they do this now? Well the reasoning is so it looks like Ron Paul never won anything.

As Ron Paul won this territory, this should never be the thing we want the News to expose. The truth is Ron Paul won 6 other states!!! Exactly the same way, all the news outlets say Romney won the Virgin Islands.

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