Friday, March 30, 2012

Twitter: "Kill People but Never Tweet the Truth."

After being Suspended (Kicked Off and Blocked Permanently) from Twitter and be incapable of making new accounts with new email accounts, we have noticed we don't need Twitter.

Twitter of course suspended our Accounts for "spamming" but recently they will not even suspend an account that is calling for the death of George Zimmerman.

So from this we can see that Twitter blocks Lemon Global when we spread the truth, but allows others to call for the death of others.

Editor's Note: George Zimmerman is the shooter of Trayvon Martin.

1 comment:

  1. WHO control Twitter, Facebook, Google, PayPal, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, the Congress, most of the ABC Federal agencies and mass media? It ain't the Irish.

    Their narratives are so important that they seek to make it illegal to question their narratives or block access to alternative narratives that may just be more real than the manipulative narratives which steal our reality in order to deceive and achieve their ends.