Saturday, March 24, 2012

What are Cuss (Curse) Words?

When did cuss words begin?

Cuss Words were created by society, and Society Alone. (Not religious or immoral.)

Cuss Words were made when people thought words were too harsh. When people thought this; they made words to calm down the so called "curse" word, with words with the same meaning.

Example: Shit and Crap

But literally when you say crap, you can just say Shit. There is no difference.

Words are words. There are no Bad Words actually, Society just wants you to believe there is.

Society even tries to push that Cuss (Curse) Words go against the Bible.

Well let's see how many Curse Words are in the Bible. Well Ass is in the Bible, Bastard is in the Bible, Hell is in the Bible, Damn is also in the bible, and even Piss is in the Bible. (There can even be more, if people would transliterate them "correctly".)

*5 Curse Words Are In The Bible

So when people say, "Don't cuss.", you tell them "Why, the Bible does?".

Society needs to wake up; Cursing is not wrong, it gets people's attention and relieves your anger.

Words are words, and when Words mean exactly the same thing why not just say the root word.

Whenever anyone gets in trouble for cursing, they are being censored and in the United States are suppose to be protected by the 1st Amendment.

*Editor's Note* The Bible does say not to call believers names (like fool or curse words), or to do course joking. (The bible, not once talks about not cursing.) -at least when you go back to the Hebrew Manuscripts


  1. The bible DOES say you shouldn't take the Lord's name in vain though.

    1. This is blasphemy, not cursing or cussing...