Friday, April 20, 2012

4:20 Is More Popular Than A Fad

Did you remember?

Today is Kony 2012's cover the night (When Kony 2012 posters are suppose to be all over the cities). So really did anyone remember?; and Will anyone actually participate?

4:20 is nationally known for the day to get high on weed, so will the youth care about Joseph Kony when they are high. Well I hope not.

I hope the youth at least woke up and sees that government propaganda cannot be trusted, and that war cannot be peace.

Marijuana becoming legal is way more important than the U.S. Government wanting to kill a dead person (Joseph Kony) the second time.

4:20 is about marijuana and this harmless drug never killed anyone. So this makes stairs, elevators, and tubs are way more dangerous than marijuana.

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