Wednesday, April 25, 2012

King Obama's problem

You may have thought Obama in 2008 wouldn't be that bad of a president; but now he has been one of the worse presidents of all time.

George W. Bush and Obama both have stolen our freedoms away, and have placed us in a economy of destruction.

The main reason for the economy being so bad is the Foreign Policy, as we bomb people into submission.

This bombing is completely having clear side effects, as the debt keeps rising just as fast as inflation. So with all the inflation will America last for much longer, well it is actually hard to figure out; but the U.S. can right now fall economically at anytime.

This would not have to happened if Obama would have stopped stacking the debt and would have listened to his own campaign speeches from 2008.

The thing is truly there is no difference between the two establishment candidates Romney and Obama, so Ron Paul is our only hope. Without Ron Paul the nation will fall faster into economic turmoil.

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