Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's clear liberty's name, before it is destroyed

If Ron Paul wins the Presidency, will you be ready for if the worse happens?

The thing is the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Economy may fall as Ron Paul becomes President and with this we need to make sure his image and the image of liberty isn't stained with the gore of the socialist and communist monopoly economy falling.

This tragic thought has been in the thoughts of many, but the thing is we can survive this fall.

But the first thing to do when tragedy happens is to accept it, and we should just accept this before it happens.

So to help clear Ron Paul's name, we should tell everyone and share the news that this may happen; and that Liberty didn't bring this but rather Socialism and Communist actions.

But we should also aware everyone that Liberty will have a rough transition period around this time; but that the Socialist and Communist solutions would have led to a more rough period.

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