Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"President Paul!!!"

While all the other candidates are for Government Control of Social Issues and every other issue; Ron Paul is the only candidate for freedom.

Pure Libertarianism is Ron Paul!!! The GOP Candidate holds the torch from Candidate Goldwater. This torch is said to been given to Reagan, and it was but it was shot out of his hand and Ron Paul caught the torch from dying out.

With the torch still lit, the truth is Ron Paul is making it way brighter. Goldwater was good, (Candidate) Reagan was good, but Ron Paul is pure Libertarianism with the proof to back him up.

So as many see "President Paul!!!" as just a chant, they may want to rethink that; Goldwater is now printed in history, along with Candidate Reagan.

Freedom and Liberty Movements always go into history, bit the thing is the Republican Party has one more chance to completely save themselves.

A party of fascism will not stay in the Two Party system, when the people want freedom.

To us in the Liberty Movement, "President Paul!!!" is a revolutionary term which means we want our Constitution reinstated and our liberties back!!!

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