Sunday, April 1, 2012


Obama states that he is no different from a Republican.

“We probably have not seen an election where the contrast is that sharp between the two parties as in this election,” - Obama

“In 2008, I was running against a candidate who believed in climate change, believed in immigration reform, believed in the notion of reducing deficits in a balanced way,” - Obama

“We had some profound disagreements, but the Republican candidate for president understood that some of these challenges required compromise and bipartisanship, and what we’ve witnessed lately is a fundamentally different vision of America and who we are. It’s an America that says – or it’s a vision that says that America is about looking out for yourself, not for other people.”
- Obama

All of these comments are suppose to be aimed directly at Mitt Romney as there being a clear difference between Obama and Romney. This difference in not that visible to me, Romney and Obama both agree with Government Run Healthcare and even agreed with the mandate nationally which is clearly unconstitutional.

So really is there a difference? Romney and Obama both will break the Constitution to get what they want.

I think this election is no different than of the one in 2008. Like what Obama said there was no difference in 2008, and there will be no difference in 2012; unless Ron Paul wins (which is very likely).

Mitt Romney of course believes in bipartisanship as he could easily be a democrat. Obama has completely tried to lie his way into making himself and Romney look different but either way Government will rise in power.

This goes back to what Obama first said, “We probably have not seen an election where the contrast between the two parties."; this to me is very important because it is so true. This doesn not have to stay, Obama and Romney are the same basically; the only difference can be is if Ron Paul wins in 2012.


  1. true statement. the only different candidate between the 5 is Ron Paul. The others will all bankrupt our country via wars, corporate bailouts and freebies in exchange for votes. We have to keep pointing that out.

  2. This is not vetting.

    1. Vetting is bringing up unwanted information about a person. This is Vetting.