Friday, July 20, 2012

'Batman' Mass Shooting is not Terrorism, but Standing Up For Liberty Is

The 'Batman' Mass Shooting is right now, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history for taking 71 victims and killing 12.

The mainstream media has no problem calling James Holmes, the suspected shooter a crazy person; but they insist he is not a terrorist.

So let's see James Holmes created the most terror with a gun, but that doesn't make him a terrorist.

But let's see the Homeland Security can call you a "terrorist" for standing up for liberty.

You know America is completely messed up when this is all true.

America is no longer what our founding fathers fought for in 1776. The deranged thoughts of our "superiors" and elected officials is that if you believe in Liberty than that makes you a terrorist, but if you shoot people creating 71 victims; then your not a terrorist.

When Liberty lovers get a worse title than a murder than you know you live in a tyrannical land.

But to be completely honest, James Holmes is a terrorist. James Holmes is a terrorist because he created terror.

Now, Liberty lovers are not terrorists unless you mean to the tyrannical globalist elitists.

We as Liberty lovers are only to come against people who threaten our liberty, and this is the only reason Liberty lovers are seen as terrorists.

The Department of Homeland Security doesn't care if a person commits an act of terror on "We the People"; but only if a body of people come against a tyrannical globalist elite and ask for liberty which completely terrifies (terrorizes) the elite.

Our government currently doesn't work for us, "We the People" anymore; our government now works for and only cares about the tyrannical globalist elite.

This is the whole reason why they want to ban guns and repeal the 2nd Amendment. Without guns we will have no resistance to the tyranny of the state.

Guns never kill anyone, the banning of guns kill people. Banning guns causes more harm than good.

The Movie Theatre that James Holmes shot at was a "Gun Free Zone", but still that didn't cause James Holmes to not bring his gun to the Movie Theatre.

The reason James Holmes still brought his gun is the simple fact that Criminals will break the laws. Banning guns will not stop gun violence, but will only stop gun defendence.


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.


  1. Finally a sane article about this issue! I have been boiling my blood over crappy articles that say james is not a terrorist!

  2. Somethin's rotten in the State of America.
    Another massacre, another victory for the Gun Lobby.
    The United States used to be a fine example to the world. Nowadays, US films positively glorify violence. Occupy Hollywood!! Look at American politicians. They cannot hold a candle to Abraham Lincoln. (For one, Mr Lincoln was born dirt poor.) Australia - the 51st State of the Union - is a virtual twin of Uncle Sam. Political correctness (conformity of opinion) is rife as is corruption, the rich-poor gulf, apathy, delinquency, diabetes, TV murder rates, obesity and the number of lawyers (attorneys). Meanwhile, nobody gives a damn about the cancer/social damage from mobile (cell) phones. We're all boiling frogs and IF there were lifeforms outside the solar system, why would they even think of coming here? Welcome to the new CENTURY!!

  3. FACT: There is a strongly linear correlation between nations where the percent of households who own guns and those that have deaths by firearms.