Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Theatre of the Movie Massacre Who Usually Has Security Guards Had None During The Movie Massacre!!!

The Colorado Movie theatre where the Movie Massacre occurred, which killed 12 people and wounded 58 people was not normally as secure on the night of the shooting.

On every opening night for such a big movie; this theatre had security guards, except with this one.

On July 20, 2012, a theatre that usually has security guards; didn't have security guards and soon led to 12 people dying that night.

The Department of Homeland Security on May 17 put out a statement saying “Terrorists may seek to emulate overseas attacks on theaters here in the United States because they have the potential to inflict mass casualties and cause local economic damage,”

This warning should have cause the theatre to have security guards on duty during the Movie Massacre, but still the Movie Theatre had no security guards during the shooting.

Every other movie theatre in the country who gets a lot of customers had security on scene during the 20th of July.


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.

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