Friday, August 17, 2012

Veterans For Ron Paul; An Open Letter to Dr Paul

Dear Dr Paul,

On President's Day, February 20th, 2012, hundreds of Veterans For Ron Paul and thousands of supporters marched on the White House to do an about face, turn their backs on the Commander In Chief, Barack Obama, honor the troops who have committed suicide, and show the world why Ron Paul was the choice of the troops. This was an entirely grassroots event done with no material support from your campaign. Since then, we have been planning on marching on the Republican National Convention to support your candidacy.

The movement that you inspired is also the movement that made your campaign possible with monetary contributions, but more importantly, with the passionate, generous, donations of the blood sweat and tears that got the campaign where it is today. That is the movement that is behind PaulFest, and you even personally called one of the organizers to express support, only to create not one, but now three official events to compete with it. If this were an isolated incident, it could be dismissed as a miscommunication, but the lack of communication or attempt to make amends with the organizers would not be explained.

This has been part of a long train of abuses not suffered lightly by those you have inspired to fight for liberty and stand up for ourselves. From the misspent funds, to the poor organization, to the abandonment of delegates, to the questionable endorsements, to the generally derisive attitude that your staff has shown towards the people that ultimately pay their salaries, it has been one thing after another that makes it difficult to support your efforts.

While the grassroots of this movement have followed you enthusiastically into the Republican Party, it was to change the status quo, not to become it. On Monday, August 27th, the first day of the RNC, we will be amassed at the site of PAULfest, hundreds of veterans and active duty troops, (many of whom made arrangements months ago to take leave and fly from duty stations all too far across the globe) and thousands of supporters, as planned, prepared to march on the RNC in your honor, to salute you for your tireless decades of service to the cause of liberty, but as long as you run away from those who support your campaign, we will not march. The campaign has made it clear that you only want the grassroots support on your exact terms. We await your leadership.

In liberty,

Veterans for Ron Paul

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