Friday, October 14, 2011

FBI False Flag Assassination on Saudi Arabian Ambassador

As the FBI has been doing tons of False Flag Terror Attacks (we like to call them FBI Sting Operations) in the years since September 11, they put people (always usually Muslims) in circumstances and tell them to commit a terror attack against the U.S.; but then the person who put this thought in their head (The FBI agent) would then give them the supplies and money to do it; but then the FBI arrests them before it actually happens.

This is what has been going on for at least 10 years, and this needs to stop. When you give people the items to do their thought; this is more like thought crime because they would have never did the act without the planning of the FBI and the funding from the FBI: and even in many circumstances the thought implanted by the FBI.

But now this has gone to the point of idiocy, as now we are literally talking about going to war with Iran as the FBI told us they planned the whole Assassination "Thought" of Saudi Arabian ambassador Adel al-Jubeir. But now the U.S. is blaming Iran even though the FBI just told us they plotted this to catch “(home-made) terrorists”. Also we are still talking about creating sanctions on Iran to "KILL THEIR ECONOMY" and still applying to 'GO TO WAR WITH THEM" this is all a complete mistake if we do this.

I believe the golden rule should be applied to this, if we kill Iran's economy: Why shouldn't China kill ours. If we don't like the idea of Iran assassinating people in the U.S. and committing terrorism (or funding it) in countries; maybe we shouldn't assassinate and do terrorism (we like to call it gorilla war when we do it) (or fund it) in the middle east.

If we the people don’t wake up to this and see Iran is not a Dictatorship, and that they had nothing to do with this FBI Funded Plot (which many now are calling Iran Funded) then we may awake one day and see WWIII. I know if I was the leader of a country and I saw another spark that created a war like the USS Maine, then I wouldn’t be on the U.S. Side: Cause this is all War Propaganda (Iran planning and funding this assassination is not truth).

Still though the whole idea comes back to; Are we our own enemies? ; Because everything we accuse countries of that we don't like: We do ourselves!!!

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