Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why is the Main Stream Media making the Occupy Movement look Progressive?

First before I tell you why the Main Stream Media is lying to you and telling you that the Occupy Movement is Progressive; I’ll have to show you first that the Occupy Movement isn’t Progressive.

The Occupy Movement started on September 17, 2011 (Constitution Day) and Now even today they call for ending wars, ending cooperate bailouts and ENDING THE FED. So how can this be Progressive when they want to end their own bank; well it can’t. Yes ENDING THE FED may not be all of the Occupy Movement’s objective but it is so much of an issue it started it’s own Movement “Occupy the FED”.

Many Occupy Movement protesters have said they don’t want to be co-opted by any Political Group so they can’t be Progressive; as they are more like Anonymous this way or the Tea Party, not one party itself but many people angry for the same reasons but have many different solutions.

So why would the Media want the Occupy Movement to look Progressive? Well the reason the Media would want this is to establish a Progressive Democrat “Tea Party” which is exactly what It’s doing when many people call for the Libertarians to leave the Occupy Movement because it was funded “by Soros” or to leave because the message as now changed. The thing is once the Libertarians and Strict Constitutionalists leave, then it will do the same thing the Tea Party did, except it will mostly dissolve into the Democrats.

Glenn Beck, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN are all trying the same thing; they are trying to make a Movement into a Political Movement Among only one Party, instead of it being a movement among “We the People” by discouraging the people it mostly represents to leave.

The Occupy Movement has stated though they don’t want to be co-opted by any Political Group, they want their message to simply be We Hate the Fake Capitalism (which is now more closer to Corporatism) and the Government giving money to Lobbyists.

Here below is a video from RT, which shows the Occupy Movement knows the truth about the Main Stream News and what the News is trying to do within the Occupy Movement:

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