Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ron Paul: Wins, and relates to an Occupy Protest (Values Voter Summit Straw Poll Results)

Ron Paul just won another Straw Poll. Ron Paul won the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll on October 9, 2011 with 36.9% of the vote with Establishment Candidate Herman Cain being 14.4% behind him and at second place with 22.5% of the vote (Full Results at the bottom). But yet again Ron Paul won; showing the real issues are being awoken among the General Public and that they know he is clearly the best man to Occupy the White House.

While I’m on Occupying Places, Occupy the FED as now just emerged from the now declared by “Main Stream Media” Progressive Occupy Wall Street (the Main Stream Media are now addressing that George Soros just this week funded Occupy Wall Street “so in other words George Soros "and many other Progressive Socialists" co-opted the Occupy Wall Street Movement) and now a Occupy the FED movement emerged from this group.

But as the Occupy the FED as now emerged and is now growing among the leading figures in the beginning Occupy Wall Street Protests, their message will be much clearer to the public; and will awaken the American People much better. But still I kind of promote the Occupy Wall Street Protests because a problem is the lobbyists, and I also think this will show the public; Police Brutality among the NYPD and many other police departments.

Ron Paul though as said in an interview with Reason Magazine said he supports the Occupy Wall Street Protests if they also Protest the FED as well because of it being the main problem. So Ron Paul ultimately agrees they need to just Occupy the FED, instead of Wall Street. This as made Ron Paul a great CHANT to cheer during the Occupy the FED Protests (as seen in the Video below) and this may just show; the Grassroots as Sprung up again with the help of Ron Paul creating not just one group (The Tea Party) but also starting a Protest Occupy Movement among the General Public “Occupy the FED”.

Here are the Full Results of the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll (2011):

Ron Paul – 36.9% (732)
Herman Cain – 22.5% (447)
Rick Santorum – 16.3% (323)
Rick Perry – 8.4% (167)
Michele Bachmann – 7.9% (157)
Mitt Romney – 4.4% (88)
Newt Gingrich – 2.7% (54)
Undecided – 0.7% (13)
Jon Huntsman – 0.1% (2)

Total: 1,983 Votes

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