Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Inquisitions on Jews and Anarchists?

The IRS has been doing tons of inquisitions on Anarchists and many other Anti-Government organizations; but will the media more fall for the story that can be twisted?


  1. I cannot find a contact button. Is the paste (if it transfers) of interest ? Olde Reb
    “How does the Federal Reserve rape the United States ??” you ask. Let us keep it simple. They can use the same method the Rothschild banks used centuries ago but the methods of concealment can be improved.

    The medieval Rothschild Bank would establish a line of credit for the King provided the King would issue a written promise to pay gold to the bank at a time in the future. The book-entry Rothschild credit would be used to pay for obligations incurred by the king which would then circulate in the kingdom into perpetuity. The bank would sell the king’s promise to pay gold which had been received by the bank (for the line of credit). The promise would then be held by purchasers as an investment.

    VOILA !!! The king made the suppliers of services happy with credit; the bank had the gold; the public had a promise that the king would eventually pay them in gold—which would probably never happen. Everything went smoothly as long as the bank could sell the promise and the people did not demand the gold. 1 As Benjamin Ginsburg has written in FATAL EMBRACE; (financiers) AND THE STATE 2, eventually the schemes, which stole the wealth from the people, would come to a tragic climax. 3


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