Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fate of Lt. John Pike

After the incident at the University of California the Question that everyone is asking is if Lt. John Pike the Police Officer that used Military-Grade Pepper Stray on peaceful protesters at Occupy UC Davis gonna get fired?

Well the answer so far from what we see is he most likely will get fired, but first we better first understand what the Department did to resolve this for the short term which all they did to him so far is put him on administrative leave.

Usually though when Departments put Police on administrative leave for this type of reason, they usually fire them in a couple days.

Also with the Information coming out on this incident of Lt. John Pike pepper spraying 11 peaceful protesters straight in the face, not even to mention it being Military-Grade Pepper Spray and it causing one Protester to caugh up blood for 45 minutes, he better get fired and never get another Police Job and that is at the least.

The peaceful protesters who got sprayed in the face are thinking about suing the University and the City of Davis for violating their constitutional and civil rights. Even though Lt. John Pike isn't laid out as a possible defendant in the lawsuit, it most likely hasn't been ruled out. The Protesters did however say the lawsuit can happen at any moment.

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