Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ron Paul vs. The Police State

On November 22, 2011 in the CNN National Security Debate; Ron Paul was the only person with a clear difference than every other candidate as all of the other's want to keep us under a police state, and not grant us our liberties.

As Ron Paul said that the Patriot Act is "unpatriotic" and "undermines our liberty", and even said to think it protects us at all you would also want the police stationed at your house and everyone else's house or even 1984 Orwellian video cameras to make sure Child beating and women beatings don't happen.

Here below is the video of Ron Paul's complete answers:

All of the people in this debate except for Ron Paul believe in keeping the Patriot as is, or making it take away more of our liberties. So instead of the Primary being Romney vs. The Anti-Romney it could more be Ron Paul vs. The Police State.

When we start sticking up for the Patriot Act it is very dangerous, as it makes the people who are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty, a terrorist until proven not to be. When we start to suspect everyone and or anyone of anything it is very dangerous.

This type of thinking led to the dark side of WWII in America as we threw Japanese Americans  and German Americans into Concentration Camps, who after the war lost everything they built there life for (their Houses, Personal Belongings, and Jobs).

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