Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ron Paul given 89 sec. in CBS Debate

In the CBS Debate, Ron Paul was only given 89 seconds to speak when the debate was national and was given 126 seconds when hardly anyone was viewing the debate. So the total amount was 235 seconds which is 3:35 minutes.

Yes with only 89 seconds in the National part of this debate Ron Paul is still the only one who answered with Brains, and with the thoughts of a veteran.

As Veterans wanted to protect our Constitution but came back to see who they were fighting wasn't destroying it, but Washington the ones giving them the orders was. We now have less freedoms than we did under King George.

Here is a video of Ron Paul answers from the debate:

PHONE: (212) 975-3247

CBS News Desk:
(888) 227-8900
(212) 975-1115
(212) 975-3615

Howard Arenstein: Executive Producer
(202) 457-4561

Make sure to complain about this Media Blackout which is the worst seen yet.

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