Sunday, November 13, 2011

Senomyx BAN HEK-293

Senomyx and I have been emailing each other to get the Issue of HEK-293 resolved. But Senomyx instead of cooperating, has been lying to me.

In our first message we asked them these two questions:

Is HEK-293 cells in the products itself?

Do you have proof if you answered no to the question above that it is not in the product itself?

So then Gwen Rosenberg Vice President, Investor Relations responded as saying:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Senomyx does not respond to Internet rumors; however, we have consistently stated the following:

1. Senomyx does not make any products. We have no manufacturing capabilities and have never made any products.

2. It would be illegal for cells of any type to be in products."

So through all of the conversation Gwen was telling me the same two lies throughout the whole thing.

The first lie she told me was that they make no products, and even their website says so:

"Senomyx does not manufacture any products. Each collaborator will bear the costs and responsibilities for manufacturing and marketing its products that contain Senomyx flavor ingredients. Prior to commercialization, collaborators complete extensive product formulation work on targeted products. Our collaborators may validate final formulations for these products through in-house sensory evaluation as well as external taste tests by consumers. Upon confirming consumer acceptance of these products, the collaborators complete activities such as production of the Senomyx flavor ingredients and the development of packaging and sales samples and materials, enabling the actual market launches of the products." - Senomyx

So according to the paragraph above they create no Products, but if you get in a closer inspection of the paragraph you can see they do create products which would be the "Senomyx flavor ingredients".

Also another lie they have told us is that they make no profit, as Gwen stated in my conversation "Senomyx has never made any products at all. We have received funding from private financings and public stock offerings. We are not profitable at this time."

Well after this I immediately messaged her back asking "If you are not profitable from 11 years in service, why do people invest in you? Also why is Pepsi telling the Media that they get flavor enhancers from Senomyx? "

After waiting many days I relized they are not going to get back to me to answer these questions because they totally disproved all of her answers.

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