Monday, December 12, 2011

I will taunt you Mark Levin; the Neocon...

Mark Levin, a credited author for National Review Online, a Cabinet Member for Ronald Reagan, and host of The Mark Levin Show; has attacked Ron Paul because of Ron Paul's views on the War on Iraq and the War on Terror.

Here is a video of Mark Levin showing how he feels about Ron Paul:

Here is an Open Letter to Mark Levin regarding what he said on the Video above:

Dear Mark Levin,

Ron Paul is totally in sync with Goldwater Conservatism and Ronald Reagan Conservatism. As Goldwater advocated States' Rights, Ron Paul also advocates States' Rights; also Goldwater had an impact in the Libertarian Moment, and Ron Paul also is having an impact and already had an impact on the Libertarian Movement. Also Ron Paul is in sync with Ronald Reagan Conservatism as Ron Paul endorsed him in his first run for the White House.

Yes, Ron Paul ran against Ronald Reagan In Reagan's re-election candidacy; but this was because Ron Paul saw that Ronald Reagan didn't even try to do what he ran his first Presidential Run on. Reagan didn't give us a gold standard, like he said he would do. So because of that, Ron Paul ran against Reagan, but this was when it was clear that Reagan was a Neocon in Sheep's clothing.

The Government of course Mark Levin wasn't wrong in wanting to protect us after 9/11; but the government was wrong when they tried to protect us. Wanting to protect us and actually trying it are two different thongs. When the Government protects us from crime before it happens, the Government is then a Police State.

Ron Paul has been advocating about the Government being wrong for over 40 years now. Ron Paul of course a Veteran, has been fighting for this country, and now he is fighting as a congressman.

The soldiers are not wanting to conquer the world, but their leaders want them to. The Government has been nation building for over 70 years. We have soldiers in South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan and this is to just name a few, because I could go on and on.

Ron Paul's foreign policy will defend America the best out of all the other GOP Primary Candidates' Foreign Policies because Ron Paul will give us more defense and give us no Nation Building and No Wars.

You're a Neocon, Mark Levin; a really big Neocon: The Neocon Levin. I never said anything else about you Levin, nothing at all. You Levin have been a Neocon ever since you were on Ronald Reagan's 2nd Cabinet; which was when Reagan was a declared Neocon Himself.

Mark Levin, Ron Paul did start the Tea Party movement: which was created on December 16, 2007 which was a day when a whole bunch .of Ron Paul rallies happened and it was called TeaParty07 and on that day Ron Paul also had a Moneybomb and he raised over $6.4 Million in that day, and it had total of 58,407 people that contributed to bring forth the constitution, liberty, and fiscal responsibility.

Ron Paul wants every country in the world to be our ally, but Levin you can buy into the War Propaganda the media is raging on China. Ron Paul's thoughtline on this issue is as conservative as it gets, because George Washington told us to have every country as our friends.

Ron Paul has stated, in his "Glee" Statement regarding 9/11, that he was not saying the Bush Administration was having glee because of 9/11, but that they were having glee because now have an reason to go to war with Iraq.

Editor of Lemon Global:
Brandon Immel

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  1. Just a nitpick... Ron Paul didn't run against President Reagan. He ran against Bush and Dukakis in 1988.