Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Iowa Caucus Doesn't Matter, Yeah Right!!!

I am sure you all heard how important the Iowa Caucuses were in the preceding months. Now according to Chris Wallace of Fox News they might now not mean anything at all, if Ron Paul wins because he has too many followers and may win in Iowa, but Chris pretty much says that Ron Paul could win the Caucuses but it will never matter as he just has to The Iowa Caucus Doesn't Matter, Yeah Right!!! many followers.

If you have any brains at all, this will not make any sense. Remember that War Propaganda, that Ron Paul talks about that is getting us into a war with Iran; well this is Political Propaganda created by the Bias Media.

Right here you have it, Ron Paul may win the same way Obama won. The thing is the difference between them is the Media won't be on Ron Paul's side; they will just write off every State he wins.

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