Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Puts Tariffs on the U.S. Currency Manipulators

On December 14, 2011; China put tariffs on cars imported from the United States. The U.S. has been clear Currency Manipulators, as we inflate our currency by using the Federal Reserve, to make it seem like people are getting richer with time (when really we are being payed exactly the same, or less).

This China tariff will rise prices of American Cars, 25% higher in China, pretty much forcing the Chinese to buy Chinese cars. But is this that bad, as we are trying to do the same thing to our largest distributor of everything. That is right, we are talking about making tariffs on China, which would make food, clothing, and ect. rise to unprecedented prices.

Also China is a Money Manipulator, but really isn't that what the Fiat System is all about. Every country's money around the world isn't backed up by anything of real value (gold or silver), the money is only worth what the Government of that nation says it is worth.

This is the key reason for Currency Manipulation; how can we blame them for being a currency manipulator (fiat system), when we in the same exactness are the same thing.

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