Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ron Paul unites the Tea Party & the 99%

On Thursday, January 26 during the CNN Debate, Ron Paul talked about how he understands the Occupy Protesters.

Ron Paul on December 29, 2011 said: “The Tea Party movement started here, gets big, a lot of different people come in. I think the same thing has happened with Occupy. I put them together—I put both groups together. Because I think both groups are unhappy about what’s happening in Washington, and around the country, and the economic conditions.”

This quote was Ron Paul claiming that he was going to unite the Occupy Protesters and the Tea Party, now did Ron Paul do that.

Here is what Ron Paul said during the CNN Debate:

Ron Paul understands the main purpose of the Occupy Movement, which is to create a fair system of wealth. By fair system, I mean a system where everyone can be wealthy.

Like Ron Paul said: "There is a big a difference between those who earn money, and those who rip us off through the government and the monetary system."

This I am sure, every Occupy Protester would agree with. But then many would disagree with Ron Paul as he also said: "The welfare state, helps the wealthy."

It seems most of the Occupy Protesters want dependency from the government, but only because they don't understand that this type of dependency will make them poorer and make the rich wealthier.

Also many Occupy Protesters may disagree with Ron Paul as he said: "They (Wall Street) are the ones getting the bailout, so we have to address the bailout in the system that favors a certain group over another group."

The only reason this may not register with the Occupy Protesters is because they feel the bailouts saved their jobs, even though the bailouts stole from their pockets and gave thier money to the rich fat cats.

This is all explained by Ron Paul in the beginning as Ron Paul said: " I understand and really emphasize with the people about the 99 and the 1, beacuse there is a characteristic of about what happens when you destroy a currency; transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, and this has been going on for 40 years. So the middle class is shrinking, they're getting poorer, and they're losing jobs, and they're losing their houses, but Wall Street isn't getting poorer."

This whole entire quote explains how the U.S. manipulates their currency by printing mass amounts. Ron Paul is making this true argument that the Middle Class's money is becoming nothing, as that the wealthy are keeping their wealth by the having bailouts.

So which Presidential Candidate is really for the 99%, well this would be Ron Paul. Obama who is trying to capture the Occupy Protesters, is also commiting complete hypocrisy as he spends so much money into this system that steals from the poor and gives to the rich.


  1. Daniel E Pearson (WHO)January 29, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    Understanding WE the PEOPLE and actually trying to help are totally different within MY EYES. I do not back RON PAUL and/or any other Presidential candidate (including Obama) the is running for election. I still call upon the Occupy movement to bring forward a candidate that will actually listen to WE the PEOPLE, and act for them.

    1. The only Candidate who isn't bought for is Ron Paul, and anyone else just believes exactly like Ron Paul, that would support the Occupy Movement.

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