Friday, January 27, 2012

HEK-293 Exposed!!! Cannibalism in the light!!!

After almost one year of breaking HEK-293, it is finally getting Main Stream Media Attention.

The attention though isn't getting that good of attention, as the Main Stream Media and some Independent Media have been making it sound imaginary.

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey is the main reason for Senomyx and HEK-293 coming to the public eye; even though half the media sources leave out these very important keywords.

Ralph said, he read articles online about fetuses being used to make flavor enhancers, and that now he wants to ban them from Oklahoma.

Ralph is correct, Senomyx, a biotech company that works with food giants Pepsi, Kraft and many others does make flavor enhancers for food by using HEK-293 (Aborted Baby Cells).

Senomyx has denied, but even with me they have completely tried to divert the truth from coming out.

The truth will be forced out of Senomyx; I, Brandon Immel, the Editor of Lemon Global have been working on trying to get the health department in San Diego to check out Senomyx; this would of course make sure Senomyx isn't commiting an illegal act, of letting the public, blindly commit Cannibalism.


  1. OMG!!! Is this true!?

    1. Yes, most of this is now even covered by the Main Stream Media.

  2. I hate abortion, and do not like the idea of artificial flavorings. I will not buy Pepsi products that use this, but this article is misleading; HEK-293 is a line of genetically reproduced cells from ONE kidney cell from ONE aborted baby from the 1970's. It is a genetic 'blank slate,' like petri dishes. I agree that it's wrong to use it, but it is also wrong to sensationalize it by lying (e.g. the words 'fesuses,' 'Aborted Baby Cells')