Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The State of the Union **Speech Released**

Today I, Kaiser Obama, the Dictator of the Fascist States of Amerika, will tell you my plans to take more and more control over your life.

I want you to understand, this control is to protect you. We protect you because the terrorists that wanted to kill you all, just hated our freedom. With this said, we made the adjustments to your freedoms to make sure their would be no reason for them to attack us again.

We as a Fascist Country have the capability to elect a new dictator, if you disagree with the one you have. This is the great freedom our founding fathers fought for, Franklin Roosevelt and his Committees.

In the 1940's we detained the Japanese Amerikans and refused for them to have a trial. This is of course, one of the best things we did as a country. This is exactly what we need to do, we need you all to understand that your freedoms as a citizen are a dangerous.

We now have camps all over the country to detain people, also we have the power to detain people indefinitely, and we have the power to kill any terrorist, whether an Amerikan Citizen or not.

Don't this make you all feel safe, now let me explain the New Plan for Amerika.

The New Plan consists of passing three bills that are currently on the table.

1. HR 3166 - Enemy Expatriation Act
2. HR 3011 - TSA Authorization Act of 2011
3. HR 3261 - Stop Online Piracy Act

HR 3166 would help our cause of detaining suspected terrorists and make us all safer, as every terrorist would be stripped of their American citizenship.

HR 3011 would help our TSA Administration, as it would be illegal to criticize the TSA.

HR 3261 would shut down the internet and help us defeat the online terrorists and the online pirates.

Please understand Amerika, your freedoms were holding us back from protecting you. You need protection, and we will give you protection.

*Editor's note:
This is all a made up speech, showing what Obama should actually tell the American People.

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  1. Oh, yeah, and what about the freedom taken away from dropouts, he wants them to have to attend public indoctrination centers until they are 18!