Sunday, December 25, 2011

Media Lies about Ron Paul Exposed

As you all know, Ron Paul has been getting attacked by the Main Stream Media. CNN has lately been trying to destroy him by saying he left one of their interviews.

Here is a video of CNN claiming this:

From this video it may look pretty bad to some people. This clip they showed was of course cleverly disguised to make it look like he ran off right after this question, but watch the full interview:

From this full interview you can clearly see this was the end of the interview. He was not running off the interview, this is just CNN ramping up an attack on Ron Paul.

CNN is trying to make it look like Ron Paul doesn't want to answer these questions. He has answered these questions for over 10 years and now every main stream media outlet has probably about 10 or more articles or videos of him saying the same thing; he never wrote the Newsletters that are in question and with the Newsletters in question, did not add up to the amount of money Gloria was claiming.

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