Monday, December 26, 2011

Zionist Jews Want a Holocaust of Muslims

I have always heard that Ron Paul is wrong on why we got attacked on 9/11 and if you ignore everything the accused ever said on 9/11 then you would agree with this.

The thing is we should take people's words as truth. Osama bin Laden, the undeclared killer of 3,000 people at 9/11 was quoted as saying:

"God knows it did not cross our minds to attack the Towers, but after the situation became unbearable—and we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against our people in Palestine and Lebanon—I thought about it. And the events that affected me directly were that of 1982 and the events that followed—when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon, helped by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me punish the unjust the same way: to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women."

This right here shows why bin Laden "attacked" the Twin Towers, it wasn't because of our freedom. The reason he attacked us was to get "justice" as we killed thousands of innocents in Lebanon as we assisted the Israeli Army in the Lebanon Attack in 1982.

Right here is a video from GBTV, and this shows a couple reasons why I think he is spreading too much propaganda on Israel and on Muslims:

In the beginning Glenn Beck says Ron Paul was wrong on what started 9/11 and as I showed, he is correct according to the official quotes from bin Laden on 9/11.

Then later on in the clip Beck says it is in Muslims' Faith to kill all Jews; this is of course false as the Muslims never attacked any Jews until the German Zionists took over Palestine.

We do know though that the Jews believe they have the right to kill all Muslims as they still believe in this verse:

Now go and attack Amalek. Claim everything they have for God by destroying it. Don’t spare them, but kill men and women, infants and children, cows and sheep, camels and donkeys.”
- 1 Samuel 15:3 GWT

This verse is of course a book that the Jews read along with the Christians (the Christians and some Jews now see that they are not to do this, from the New Testament).

As a Jew, I can say I would never commit in an act of killing innocent people in a war, as this is no longer enacted. This is still seen as an enacted law through the thought line to the Zionist Jews who occupy Palestine as they are brainwashed to believe this is rightfully their land.

So really the Muslims just want their land back and will kill the Zionist Jews for it, but the Zionist Jews will do the same, in the name of their faith to conquer the land. The Jews will create a Holocaust of Palestinians and Muslims for the Land of Palestine (to keep it called Israel).

Ron Paul is for Israel, and this is something many people do not see. Ron Paul wants to listen to Israel's Prime Minister and leave them alone, because their army can control the land like what Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu said.

Also Ron Paul if he ran as an independent won't just grab votes from the GOP, he would also get votes from the far left that are sick of Obama (Main Stream Media Proclaimed: Occupy Wall Street Protesters "Progressives").


  1. What you don't seem to get is how a-paul'd we all are when people attempt to justify 9/11. There is no justification for 9/11. None. Zero. Nada. It doesn't matter what "excuses" they give for doing it, there is no excuse. None.

  2. Who killed more Americans, 9/11 or the U.S. lying about weapons of mass destruction. This is the hypocrisy of you Neo-Cons. You want protection that kills more than what we are protecting you from, and then it doesn't even protect you.