Friday, December 2, 2011

Only 7 Senators Understand our Constitution

The Senate just passed the most Unconstitutional Act with a 93-7 vote. S. 1867 is the act as we call it "The Police State Act of 2011", because it's real name shadows it as nothing "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012". Rand Paul was one of the 7 who opposed this Act.

The Police State Act of 2011, is breaking the 4th Amendment, as it destroys the whole idea of the Judiciary System as Obama can be the Accuser, the Judge and the Executioner.

This Act gives Obama the right to jail anyone he wants indefinitely. This makes it so our Constitution went completely in vain as our Freedoms and Liberties are tooken away so much today, that under King George we would have more freedoms and liberties.

Have we forgot why our Founding Fathers fought for Freedom from a King, it was to stay safe from a Power Hungry Man who will Jail you if he disagrees with you. This will make Obama has this right, so that he can jail whoever, even the GOP Candidates running against him.

This act should not be taken lightly. We need to stand up and fight for our rights back as nobody in a Republic should have as much power as a King. Don't think for once that Obama will stay to his word (even though how much I want him to) as Obama said when the Act was still in the Senate that he would veto it if the Act passed, also call up your congressmen and tell them to vote no on this act.

If Obama has even more power than King George, should we completely change our Government; well yes we should. Will we though, are you willing to get our country back, are you? Think about it, this will make America a War zone.

Are now going to war with ourselves, have we not learned from our past. The last time we did this it was in WWII. In WWII we threw American-Japanese and American-Germans in Concentration Camps, that is right we threw Americans in Concentration Camps because of their ethnic group. This started with us having the thought that the Japanese and German Americans maybe Dangerous, pretty close to the thought many think about the Muslims.

There is one thing we have that is like these Concentration Camps; they are FEMA Camps. With these being shown as factual camps, I have to think we are doing what I am stating, Concentration Camps for all of the people that Obama dislikes, doesn't this sound like Hitler.

Click To Email President Obama and tell him to Veto this Act

Also make sure to E-Mail or Call your Congressman and tell them to vote no on this Act; TODAY.


  1. This is the result of the Nazification of USA by american zionists working for Israel. They will destroy USA and tell everybody it was non zionsit's fault. Wait and see.

  2. Do not send anything to Obama because he is under the orders of american and international Zionism. To avoid complete nazification and destructio of the USA you have to vote and elect non zionist candidates for presidency, Senate and COngress.