Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ron Paul Fights and Rises in Iowa

With Ron Paul's "Serial Hypocrisy" online ad attacking Newt Gingrich becoming viral, Ron Paul's campaign now cut the first 2 and half minute ad to one minute and will play it in Iowa with their recently released ad "Big Dog" on the TV Stations in Iowa.

Here is Ron Paul's Serial Hypocrisy tv ad:

Here is Ron Paul's "Big Dog" ad:

While Ron Paul has these two ads running in Iowa, the polls show him rising significantly as he now rose over Mitt Romney.

With Ron Paul now in the Top Tier the Establishment Main Stream Media now has no backbone to their ramble that he is unelectable, as Ron Paul or anyone can be electable. Electability as I always say is found in elections, not by what the Main Stream Media says.

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