Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unheard Of : A Straw Poll Blacked Out

On December 5, 2011, an Oklahoma City straw poll showed Ron Paul in first place with a high percentage of 46%. This made Herman Cain second with 25% who has now dropped out of the Presidential race, with that in mind Newt Gingrich is actually in second place with 17%.

Okay now let's say "all" of Herman Cain's support goes to Newt Gingrich like the Main Stream News says will happen.

With this Newt Gingrich would still lose to Ron Paul as Ron Paul still has 46% and Newt Gingrich would have 42%. (As we know, "all" of Herman Cain's support will not go to Newt Gingrich.)

With Newt Gingrich's poll results being connected to the Main Stream Media ramping him up, this whole thought line of Newt winning at this moment is based on the false rise in the polls. This of course is not the reasoning for Ron Paul's rises as the Main Stream News completely ignores him, degrades him, and demonizes him.

Ron Paul's rising is connected to true support. I will have to say though, Newt does have support. The thing is though Newt does not have followers that are the poor, and the middle class. As Newt is right now kissing the feet of a Fat Cat; Donald Trump, this of course is the majority of his donations.

December 5, 2011,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma GOP straw poll results:

1. Ron Paul 46%
2. Herman Cain 25%
3. Newt Gingrich 17%
4. Mitt Romney 6%
5. Rick Perry 3%
6. Michele Bachmann 2%
7. Rick Santorum 1%
8. Gary Johnson <1%

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