Monday, January 30, 2012

Occupying Illegal? What about the 1st Amendment?

In America it is legal to protest, this has been one thing the founding fathers wanted.

Many get mad at the Occupy Protests because they cost us millions of dollars;these people refuse to bring up the Boston Tea Party in 1773 in which the Sons of Liberty costed the British Government, $1,170,561.60 (in today's standard).

Also many of the people who bring up that the Occupy Protests are costing us money are so called Tea Partiers.

It seems like the Occupiers are using the Founding Father's tactics, but the "True" Tea Party has their logic and thought line.

The Founding Father's tactic is being taunted by the Police State of Amerika, as the Occupy Movement cannot sleep at their camps (so the Government made Occupying Illegal).

Tell me who this is protecting, and who this is serving:

What is the reasoning for this cop using a stun gun on the Protester? Do cops not even think, when they use non-lethal weapons; do cops just have the thought line that this action will most likely not kill anyone, so let's do it.

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